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Affordable Care Act

The passing of the Affordable Care Act, often known simply as Obamacare, changed the face of health insurance coverage across the country. If you didn’t have coverage before because you couldn’t afford it, or if you were paying a high premium for a plan that didn’t offer you the benefits you needed, the ACA may make it easier for you to get covered. You no longer have to worry about choosing between impossibly high private plan costs and not having any insurance coverage at all, two options that make it more likely that a person will simply choose not to see a doctor when they need to. Now there are a large number of affordable options for every family and individual whether they need a robust package or just basic medical care, giving our country the opportunity to get healthier faster.

Obamacare makes insurance easier, but there are still a number of variables that can make picking out the perfect plan difficult. While companies can no longer outright refuse to cover you due to preexisting conditions they can still raise the rates on their plans. This is why it’s important to know what all of your options are before you buy in. How much you make, for example, can determine whether or not you qualify for government assistance in paying off your deductibles and premiums each month. This can obviously be a big help towards making your health insurance truly affordable.

At Meredith Insurance Center we can help you choose between the number of options on Covered California, search through the Blue Cross Blue Shield of California plan options or even custom craft a plan specifically for you. Our knowledgeable experts can help you navigate through every option out there to ensure you end up with not only the best possible coverage, but the best fit for your lifestyle, family and bank account.

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