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Vision insurance is a supplemental plan that compliments your primary health insurance. Vision insurance plans vary drastically, but they all serve to make vision care and vision correction possible. Many people are surprised and dismayed to learn their regular health insurance doesn’t cover vision-related expenses—or to the extent they would like.

For example, many people prefer contact lenses over eyeglasses for every activity and enjoy having the choice. However, contacts can be much more expensive than glasses. Without vision insurance, the option of getting contacts could be cost-prohibitive.

3 out of every 4 people in the United States need or some vision correction. From distance glasses to reading glasses, astigmatism, vision problems run the gamut. For someone who needs corrective lenses to drive, not having access to vision care and new prescription glasses when needed, is dangerous. Additionally, as people age, most will need vision correction—and some will need more than one prescription. Lastly, being on a fixed income makes vision insurance an even more important player in overall financial security.

Many people first look into vision insurance to find something that will cover a more permanent solution to eye trouble, such as laser eye surgery. However, basic packages are more about eye health and vision maintenance. Your basic vision insurance will typically cover eye exams for routine care and regular checking of overall vision health. Vision plans beyond the basics have additional options. A family plan can be the best choice for a family with growing children who will need new prescriptions every year.

Meredith Insurance Center will outline what plans are available, what they cover, at rates you can afford.

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