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Business owners need insurance just like anyone else. In fact, it can be argued that business owners need insurance MORE than most people. They have to have their own health insurance, insurance for their employees, and also an insurance plan that keeps their tangible investments and business secure and protected. Our small business insurance plans cover a wide range of needs that can be suited to any business owner, whether they’re just starting out or have been a company for many years.

At Meredith Insurance Center, we provide insurance to multiple industries, including restaurants, construction, nonprofits, home health, and many more. While we offer a variety of plans with multiple types of coverage, there are some standard plan areas that every business owner could benefit from:


This type of insurance protects businesses from legal disputes due to accident, negligence claims, or injury. Plans with this feature also protect against costs incurred because of injury, property damage, medical care, slander and libel, and court costs and settlements.


Businesses that deal in retail or manufacturing can use product liability insurance to protect against loss of finances because of product defects of products that cause physical harm. This type of insurance plan feature can be more necessary depending on the products in question.


Also known as “errors and omissions insurance”, this insurance plan feature protects a business from malpractice, errors, and negligence in provision of services to customers and clients. Some states require such a policy be held by a business, so getting professional liability insurance can be essential to keeping a business open.


This is a basic business insurance plan feature that covers property damage due to a variety of circumstances, including fire, smoke, hail storms, wind, civil disobedience, and vandalism damages. This includes loss of income, company property and money, as well as the location of the business itself.


If your business is operated from your home, home-based business insurance may be necessary to protect your assets. Many types of home insurance don’t cover situations involving a home-based business, so an additional policy or plan can help cover what a normal home owner’s insurance policy does not.

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