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Short term insurance is a type of health coverage that is typically forgotten or overlooked by the general public. What are the benefits of short term insurance coverage? How can a short term insurance plan be more beneficial than a normal health insurance plan? These questions are common and easily explained. In reality, many health insurance plan holders could potentially find a short term coverage plan more suited to their needs versus a typical long term health insurance plan.

The purpose of short term insurance is to help provide insurance to those who may be going through a transition period in their lives. Whether it’s moving out of their home and going to college or being out of a job for the first time in a while, those who are in a point between A and B can benefit from a short term health insurance plan. Designed to only be used during a shot time span, short term insurance is perfect for those who can’t afford normal health insurance coverage.

Because of the term of the coverage, short term insurance plans are often extremely economic and affordable to those who may not have a lot of income. While Meredith Insurance Center offers affordable health coverage plans, we understand that sometimes even our reasonable prices can be too much for someone who barely has enough money to scrape by. Our short term insurance plans were created with those who are on an extremely fixed income specifically in mind.

Our short term insurance plans are extremely flexible. Qualifiers can choose from a variety of plans that have various deductible amounts and payment options that cater to a person’s specific situation or income amount. Another benefit of short term insurance plans is that they are tailored to those whose needs change during a short period of time. Our short term plans allow you to change coverage at any time, as well as cancel coverage at any time without any negative consequence attached.

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